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The roulette wheel

The roulette wheel fascinates the player for a long time. For all players it is the heart of a roulette game.Without wheel practically nothing works and why it is always at the center. Especially in live casinos, the wheel is critical in online casinos you have only a virtual representation of a wheel. Nevertheless, it is also in online casinos the most important part of the game. Though you play online and you want to make an image yourself, you should play at Europa Casino, one of the best casinos for roulette players.

Let’s take a look at a pattern wheel:

Construction of the wheel

The structure of the wheel can be actually very good shown in the above image. There are 36 red or black numbers and a 0 The colors of the numbers are alternately red and black. Inside the wheel there are small holes that can catch the ball. Each number has its own hole and when the ball lands in it and comes to lie, this figure is considered to be drawn. In the center of the wheel to the axle with four handles is with which the dealer can bring the wheel in motion.

The history of roulette wheel

The French mathematician Blaise Pascal is said to have invented the game, and thus the wheel. He was very active in the field of Stochastics and the invention of roulette was more or less an accident. However, the origin is not entirely uncontroversial, many would shift the birthplace of the roulette wheel to Italy. But at the latest at the time of Napoleon Roulette is returned to France and could be played legally there. That is why the name ” French Roulette “because France applies at least as a country that has made ​​this game.

Since at that time was much easier to cheat at roulette, led some casinos a double zero, ie American Roulette . Thus, the house advantage was significantly increased and it was hardly possible to win as an impostor.

The wheel itself was naturally found previously and used for the purposes of accident investigation. An example of this is the wheel of fortune, which in principle works similarly yes. The combination of wheel and inserts as are customary at roulette, is the decisive factor.

The perfect wheel for live events

When you play live, you have to provide clear requirements of a wheel. It must be absolutely symmetrical, and the results have to be delivered to be completely random. Even the tiniest flaw can make this impossible, that is, that a certain number or group of numbers is preferred although the pulled really should not be.

The gambling industry is working hard wheels to the highest standards to produce and leaves no stone unturned. The problem is that fraudsters are becoming better equipped and able to observe the results of a table for a long time. This allows them to evaluate the data and take advantage of any irregularities. No matter what the gaming industry is trying, there will always be gaps for crafty deceiver and the wheel plays an important role.

American vs. European wheel

On the left we see a European and on the right an American wheel:

As can be seen easily be seen, the only difference in the second zero. The American wheel on the right side still has a second zero. These two zeros are opposite and not, as often suggested, side by side. The roulette table can at least assume that the two zeros next to each other, but this is not the case.

When American wheel has to be noted that the house advantage is much greater because of the second zero. This means that you’re going to cut the bottom line as a player worse. Otherwise, only a difference in the arrangement is not visible. That is, the numbers are arranged differently and differ between American and European wheel

The roulette ball

The ball has played a crucial role in the history of the game and has evolved with time on. Previously, the ball of ivory was made, a very expensive and rare material, but this has serious disadvantages. Therefore, one has to decide the ball from a mixture of nylon, acetol and phenol to produce and that is to the ingredients that are very similar needed for the manufacture of golf balls. Golf balls must have similar properties and therefore has similar manufacturing processes. Modern balls are so symmetrical and technically high-quality workmanship that it is not possible to have irregularities, which can be exploited in any form.

Roulette Tips and Tricks

Many players are looking for the roulette tips and tricks. You wish that someone tells them how to win at roulette. But that’s not that simple, and more specifically, it is even impossible. Also, we can not you roulette tricks reveal which you always win and each of which goes alleged lies easily. We you can but reveal tips and tricks as you can play roulette successfully as possible. But here was already said that successful play roulette especially exercise needed. Exercise you get best at a reputable online casino like Europa Casino.
Our 10 best roulette tricks
In the following we want to show our top 10 tricks that’ll help you become a better roulette player:
If you have little experience and practice with this game, you should be confined to the outer liners. These are the inserts at the outer edges of the playing field, so for example, Red / Black, 0-18/19-36, Even / Odd. For these interventions, you can at least make false and have all the best chances of winning.
Learn early to know the probabilities of the operations. The only way you can prevent inserts with poor chance of winning respond. It sounds daunting at first, but it is not really hard once you understand the principle.
If you want to play risky bets, how to put, for example, only a number, then consider the use rather than lost and make sure enough money in the account to have to still continue playing. It would be risking his entire balances with only an improbable use bullshit.
Always play European Roulette . This tip is quite simple, because the European roulette there is only one zero and the house edge is lower than the American. Therefore, you should always make a big circle around American tables.
Bad players make wagers at the casino gains 5% on average. That’s a lot. So choose your bets necessarily so that you can reduce the house advantage. Ideally, to slightly more than 1%.
If you find a table that offers the French “en prison” rule, then sit down! Although this is a very short roulette trick, but also a very good one.
Avoid inserts with five numbers (in English: five number bet). This insert has the highest house edge of 7.89% (!) On American tables.
Never trust blindly on a roulette system . Just because someone tells you that he makes 500 euros / day with his system, does not demand the vote. And everyone who just blindly playing for such a system, will fall on the nose.
Trust not the so-called doubling strategy (Martingale). This system is always doubled when you lose a bet. In theory, the system works well, but because of the zero and the table limits are the earnings outlook is not good. The Martingale strategy is definitely not a good roulette trick.
The most important roulette trick at the end: only games with as much money as you can lose. Games in no case with your relationships. If you lose just 20 Euros because you no longer have just made available, then do not play more. Online casinos offer you the opportunity with very low stakes of only 10 cents or even less to play.

Roulette Strategy for Beginners

Albert Einstein once said: “You can not beat roulette, unless you steal the chips at the table!” And thus shows what he thinks of roulette strategies. He may be right, that you can not win in the long run, but that does not mean that you can not win with the right strategy. A good strategy is even more important to have around at all fun in this game. But not only the strategy here is crucial, but also where to play roulette. That’s why you need a first-class online casino such as Casino Club – surely one of the best roulette casinos out there.

If you search the internet you will find hundreds of strategies and the most promise very much. Promises like “I’ll show you how to make 1000 euros / day with my strategy” are not uncommon. Of course this sounds very tempting. 1000 Euros / day is a lot of money. And many people become weak and be convinced by such a strategy. You pay a lot of money, maybe even more than they can afford and then wonder why this strategy did not work and they are broke. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. That’s why you need early enough to know what is going on and can not fall on strategies in, bring nothing.
The best strategy
First of all, you have to clarify what than ever a good strategy makes before going in search of the best roulette strategy makes. The best strategy is one that gets the most for a player out and lets him win as much as possible and lose as little as possible. In roulette it is so that it is a gamble in which no one can tell where the ball will land next. It is not possible to calculate any probabilities so that for example 60% ​​red and 40% black is. Would that be possible, you could play with a positive expected value and earn long term money. But that would also mean that the ball has a memory and can be influenced by past events. This is obviously not the case. The ball is not interested in whether the last 10 time has come red. The only important thing is that the probability is always 50/50.
The best strategy is therefore one which reduces the house advantage to a minimum and not one that can win in the long term. For, as we have seen, it is not possible for this game for extended periods to win. That’s why you should our tips and tricks to take to heart and you in our roulette strategy section around. There you will learn how you do good bets and will cut long-term at best.
Prohibited strategies?
Frequently the question is asked whether certain strategies are prohibited. It all depends on the rules and in a live casino are naturally much more stringent than in an online casino, because there are few opportunities to develop an unfair advantage over the casino in some form.
In live casinos, of course, everything is forbidden which a fair game makes impossible such as boiler watching – a strategy in which one tries to determine the probability of certain numbers with tools. Simple setting strategies such as the Martingale strategy are not explicitly prohibited – however, there is a table limit, which makes this strategy as good as impossible.
The strategy with the doubling
The Martingale strategy we have just already been addressed. Because that’s precisely this doubling strategy: you bet on a field, and if you win, you keep the profit and if you lose, you double your original bet and makes for so long until you win again and was able to offset its losses.
This strategy has proven successful, but has a serious weakness. Because it gitb on all roulette tables now limits that make it impossible as much as you want to set. Therefore, not as often as you double. And if at some point you can no longer double, it is conceivable to lose its entire use. That is very unlikely, but it happens again and again. Therefore the strategy is to be treated with doubling with caution.

Roulette at Win Palace Casino

The Win Palace Casino is actually a classic and for some time on the market. There are now a website on German and although the focus has been lying to the American market. With the Real Time Gaming software on the Win Palace Casino uses is not only is it possible to accept players from the U.S. but also to offer a first-class casino software.
Here you can already have a look at a roulette table from the Win Palace Casino catch:
As far as the roulette offer – and that interested us all, of course the most – the Win Palace Casino is a top player. The tables are well designed and have nevertheless clearly. They offer just exactly what a roulette player imagines. And they are especially fast. You can quickly bring a lot more bets than in many other casinos. The Real Time Gaming software also features high-resolution 3D graphics that make the game look incredibly realistic.
What is the terms of the bonus Win Palace Casino, at all events up with it and has a 300% up to € 3000 bonus on first deposit. Unfortunately, the bonus for roulette player is not perfect, because only a small percentage can freely play at the roulette tables. If you’re in search of a better bonus, then just click here .
When it comes to support the Win Palace Casino is really great and can, in principle, nothing to be desired. He is available 24/7 and can be reached via a free, German telephone hotline. Or of course by email. For payment options, the Win Palace Casino offers a wide variety of options and actually everything you would want: credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express, E-wallets like Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller , eWalletXpress and a few other payment options.
Overall, it must be said that the Win Palace Casino is very neat and not only for players from the USA. The Advantages of Win Palace Casino are mainly:
First-class roulette software from RTG
German Website and Support
Very high deposit bonus
Playing with euro is possible
Many payment options are available

Roulette play in Titan Casino

The Titan brands, led by Titan Poker and Titan Casino are already for some time in business and grow strong on. More and more players are attracted to the tables of this provider and not without reason. Because the range of Titan Casino is a very solid and just the casino software from Playtech is doing its part to this. Here is a screenshot of a Playtech roulette table from the Titan Casino:
For slot players there are in the titanium casino more than 50 slot machines and roulette players can also get their money. There are many different roulette tables (European and American) and also a live roulette offer .
What is the Titan Casino Bonus As for the very aggressive and offers up to € 4000 on initial deposits. However, this bonus is not necessarily ideal for roulette players, because with roulette can be only a fraction of the bonus free play even if you have to implement it a total of only 20 times. More information can be found here: Roulette bonus .
As for the deposit and disbursement Titan Casino As actually go to Disneyland and could want: credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, E-wallets such as Moneybookers and Paysafecard also popular.
The service writes the Titan Casino very large and offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week class service over the phone, email or live chat. Theoretically, even a support fax possible, but in the Internet era, that’s probably a bit too cumbersome.
The advantages of titanium casinos at a glance:
All sorts of roulette variants on offer
Established brand
Excellent customer service
Great Bonuses and Promotions

Roulette at Rome Casino

At Rome Casino is a relatively new provider that is not too long on the market. But that does not make him long to a bad choice, because it is new casinos have come up with something to compete in the market and can only get by a proper offer great promotions and a good support.
In the bonus features, the Rome Casino up to $ 10,000 on the first five deposits. So not everything so you can claim for themselves to stay on the first deposit, but worth it faithfully and on the ball this terrific high bonus. However roulette players do not get their money in this bonus because he is just limited in terms of sales conditions.
One can definitely say that the Rome Casino is somewhat unusual, because there are hardly any other casinos that rely on this software. You say TopGame and is certainly not as well known as Boss Media or Migrogaming , but that does not mean that it is bad. If the TopGame software you look at times closer, then you will also find that it is not really bad.
The Rome Casino Support is without a doubt very hard to take care of its players. Especially the live chat is very active and quickly comes to a back if you should have problems again.
Roulette can be played in Rome Casino in all possible variations and it comes as a roulette player their money. Who besides roulette also other games you want to try that can make in Rome Casino you. While there are only about 20 slot machines, for example, what is very little compared to Microgaming casinos, but if you’re honest, no one probably needs so many slots.

Roulette at VIP Casino

The VIP Casino was established in the 20th century, yet it is certainly not one of the most famous casinosin the world. This does not mean at all that this is a bad online casino in which you should not play. The reason why this casino is not the best known, is simply that there is more attention at VIP Casino on the High Roller and that’s not just get the broad masses in the casino world.

The VIP Casino uses the famous CryptoLogic software – this is one of the leading online casino software provider. And the quality really shows directly at the tables and machines of the VIP casino. Just the reward program is in the VIP casino especially because there is the possibility to cashback 10% of the loss to get back (maximum $ 10,000). The deposit bonus falls with only 150 euros, although not as high as in some other casinos, but that’s not really dramatic, because high rollers, it’s all about the fun and not necessarily a particularly attractive bonus . But I’m sure that one or the other High Roller will also draw on the cash back program of the VIP casino.

At the roulette tables at VIP Casino you’ll have your fun in any case. Because the graphics of the tables are very good and also very clear. It is definitely a good mood at the tables and playing in the VIP casino is a lot of fun. If you want to not only try out Roulette but also other games, you’re in this online casino also the right place because there are many slot machines, Caribbean Stud Poker , Let it Ride Poker, Blackjack and much more. Overall, this is at this casino without doubt a good deal that you can pull as roulette player certainly considered.

Roulette69 – A new online casino with high payout

The Roulette69 casino advertises a high payout of 98.63% – which is of course much more than most other online casinos. And as the name suggests, the Roulette69 mainly focused on our favorite game: roulette. The casino has its headquarters in Malta and is also licensed there. Anyone who has ever played in an online casino from Malta will appreciate the security there. Because Malta is part of the EU and the casinos are there to have their license heavily supervised.
Roulette69 also advertises with a 10 EUR welcome bonus no deposit. This is a great bonus to the roulette play at this casino even try out. Everyone wants to make the deposit can enjoy doing because there is a 100% bonus up to 625 Euros if the payment is made with Moneybookers. If they are not tracked via Moneybookers is the bonus 100% up to 500 euros which of course is not bad either.
They can be played in Roulette69 basically everything and also live dealer roulette is offered. This brings a little flair to live at home and provides more voltage at the tables. Also off of roulette the player everything is offered. With the Orbis Technology software Roulette69 can be very many games on classic slot machines and progressive jackpots that offer video poker, blackjack, live baccarat, and more.
Unfortunately the website of Roulette69 is not available in German language. There’s a telephone support (unfortunately not German) and an email support via a ticket system. You can play it in euros and not just in dollars as in many other casinos. A deposit is with Mastercard possible, Visa, Moneybookers, Neteller and a classic bank transfer. These are now not as many payment options to offer as some other casinos, but usually they are sufficient. Overall, the Roulette69 Casino is so not bad and can be a lot of fun.

Spin Palace roulette experience

Spin Palace Casino is without doubt one of the largest in the industry and not without reason. Because the offer of Spin Palace is very consistent and so varied like no other. Especially with slot players this online casino is very popular, but also roulette players will get their costs.
The following review we would like to take the Spin Palace Casino still more closely and analyze. So you can judge whether this casino is whether or not you want but you decide for another the best for you. We’ll give you a recommendation, but ultimately you have to decide yourself
Spin Palace software
The Spin Palace software is provided by Microgaming, the world’s leading casino software. While it is difficult to define “world leader”, but there are many factors which suggest that Microgaming is the number one. Among other reasons because the software is simply excellent and makes playing so easy. Spin Palace offers hundreds of games, mostly slot machines. But roulette players will get their costs and between European – choose American Roulette and Roulette Royal.
The Spin Palace roulette software is one thing: simple and clear. That’s why you’ll find yourself immediately can find your way and have no problems to get into the game. This is a quality of a casino software that you have to appreciate. Here is a screenshot of a Spin Palace roulette table, so you can get a picture of yourself:

Spin Palace with and without download
Spin Palace Casino offers both a version with and without download. The version without download is called Flash Casino and there you can play without a download make and having to install any software. The course has several advantages that you should not overlook. For with the no download version it is possible to play directly in the browser and via Flash. If you’re already longer are hosted on the Internet, you will be the one term, because without Flash the Internet would not be nearly as nice as it is at the moment. Flash allows a moving display of graphics and even the ability to play online – just like the games at Spin Palace Casino!
There is basically no difference between the flash version and the software to download and it all depends on what you want. Do you play rather quickly and sometimes from another PC you need to put attention to the Spin Palace Flash software. But if you always play on the same PC and also have enough space, there is nothing to play against it with the classic software download.
Bonus Offer
The bonus offer at Spin Palace Casino may very well be proud of and there is not only a bonus on the first deposit, but also on any further deposits.
The bonus on the first deposit is a 100% up to 150 € Bonus. The minimum deposit is 20 euros, which you have to make within seven days after registration. Must be set the bonus 30 times before it can be paid out. Unfortunately bear roulette games with only 8% of the sales conditions. That’s the bad news at Spin Palace bonus, but there is again good news.
Even on the second and third deposit you can have secure lucrative bonuses. In the second you get at least another 25% up to 125 euros, and the third a 50% bonus up to 100 Euros.
Deposit and withdrawal
As the world’s leading online casino Spin Palace must naturally take to make the players as comfortable as possible and take the necessary precautions. This of course includes the payment methods so that you can easily make a deposit and, above all, a payout. Spin Palace Casino offers the following payment options:
Instant Transfer, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Neteller, ukash, Instadebit, Entropay and a simple bank transfer.
Experience with Spin Palace
When going to decide to play in an online casino roulette, then you have mans I previously anxious see the experiences that other players have made with the casino. With our test, we indeed give us every effort to make you the decision as easy as possible, but still is not possible. Because experiences are mainly subjective. And even if we say that it is a very good online casino, that does not long that you’ll make good experiences with it. That is why we are now trying to give back the experience with Spin Palace.
Basically, you can get a good picture of the experience if you google something. That you can also even make once. There you will read many positive but also the one or other negative experience. But that has nothing to signify, because negative experiences must be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed only once. So there are always players who report negative experiences, but tell only half the story. So they believe is entitled to a bonus to have even though they have violated the bonus conditions. A good example are players who pay only 10 euros and claim Spin Palace would have to their bonus cheated. In contrast, stands in the terms crystal clear that you have to deposit at least € 20. It is good to make the right one online casinos such conditions and rules are to be adhered to now times since. Therefore, it is always difficult to assess. The fact is that there are both positive and negative experiences you have to look closer to form a judgment.

Casino club roulette experience

In the following test we would like to dedicate all the Casino Club, a world-leading online casino that has always caused a stir and has a very good reputation. We would like to clarify what this is all about and how the experience with casino club roulette look like. But what we can anticipate ever is that Casino Club offers one of the best roulette has out there and therefore you should view this online casino a bit more detail.
Casino club roulette software
The software of Casino Club is provided by Boss Media. This is one of the largest casino software provider on the market. Boss Media is not only large, but is like no other casino software company for quality and high performance. This can be seen in the casino club especially at the roulette tables and this is actually the main reason why it ever is at the Casino Club at one of the best roulette casinos: roulette software is simply outstanding and not only offers a fast online roulette pleasure, but above all an excellent design with good sound, different tables and also multiplayer roulette. Here, you play with multiple players at one table and can track their bets with – just like in a real casino. And that takes casino club to make a major move to online Roulette as realistic as possible. There is no doubt that online roulette at Casino Club is a real pleasure – thanks to the great software!
Here you will find a small screenshot of a casino club roulette table:

Casino Club bonus offer
The Casino Club bonus sounds at first glance nothing special. Deposit 300 € and get 250 € bonus is nothing special, in fact. That might be the case for player slot or blackjack, roulette players but must be easily impressed by the casino club bonus. The reason for this is that it is possible to meet 100% of the sales conditions at the roulette table!
The maximum bonus is 100% up to 250 euros and the minimum deposit must exceed 20 EUR. To be able to withdraw the bonus has the bonus 30 times implemented (the reload bonus other conditions apply). Unlike baccarat or video poker roulette is not just excluded from the sales conditions. It is simply not allowed to make bets without risk, so for example, the use of red and black at the same time. In such a feller to Casino Club reserves the right to withhold the bonus. That you should so be sure to note if you would like free play at the casino club your bonus. Basically, however, the casino club roulette bonus is excellent, precisely because it offers the possibility to be unlocked only by roulette. This is absolutely unique, and you should not let the casino club bonus missed.
Reload Bonus – It is also a reload bonus offered 100% on your first deposit of the month to a maximum of 50 €. This bonus must be implemented 30 times.
Casino Club Download
Playing at Casino Club is also no download possible and indeed with the “Flash Casino”. This flash based software very easily and conveniently in the browser to play without requiring a download would be necessary. Basically there is no difference in quality between the version with download and no download. It is simply a matter of personal taste.
I personally like to go to a software download. Why? Because you just have to make only a download and installation. Then you have the software always available and can play immediately. This is me personally simply better. If you now but want to install any software and no download make, which is casino club flash version of course the better option.
Deposit and withdrawal
So you can play in a casino with real money, it is absolutely necessary to make a deposit. The payment methods are different from casino to casino. There are casinos that offer few methods and offer casinos that very many methods. Such as Casino Club. After a deposit is in the Casino Club with the following methods available: Bank Transfer, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, SOLO), EcoCard, PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller, bank transfer, Ukash.
Very positive is that the casino club specifies the methods required for payout very clear, so that you do not have to ask whether a payout by the deposit method is at all possible. There have been many surprises. The Casino Club offers the following methods for payment:
Bank Transfer, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy , Credit Cards (Visa, SOLO), EcoCard, Moneybookers and Neteller.
The payouts in the casino club go very quickly and usually are settled within a few working days. When payments on Moneybookers eWallet such as the payout is already real-time, ie within a few seconds.
Experience with Casino Club
If one has to choose an online casino, one, the choice is often not easy. It is not uncommon that you simply look for a casino that is attractive appear for some reason – for example, a great bonus or a half-naked woman on the banner. Both, however, is not no reason to sign up at a casino and also to play with real money. Therefore, one should look at the experience of other players before making a deposit somewhere.
When Casino Club course there are players with different experiences. It’s no secret that not everyone is happy. The but you can also impossible to argue from a casino. For everywhere where money is involved, there are problems. Or how happy you are with your bank or your landlord? When Casino Club is definitely so that the positive experiences clearly predominate. Otherwise it would not be possible that a casino grow so fast and in the market against the big as Party Casino or Casino 888 can enforce. The Casino Club must necessarily have happy players have had good experiences, otherwise it is not possible to survive in the long term.
The Casino Club is very hard to take care of the positive experience of its players and in the time I have played very active, my problems were solved in no time with a German customer service. Much to my satisfaction. The Casino Club is also its conditions openly and honestly on the website, so that here there is no room for interpretation basically.